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Step into the world of Verg Construction Corp.’s architectural masterpieces. Each project we complete isn’t just a structure; it’s a testament to our commitment, expertise, and innovation in the field. From the initial blueprint to the final brick, our portfolio showcases the blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability we bring to every endeavor. Dive in to witness the tangible evidence of our passion and precision in shaping skylines and landscapes alike.

St. Mary's Project
Commercial Properties

Delve into the St. Mary’s Project, where Verg Construction Corp.’s craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Every facet of this project echoes our dedication to precision, sustainability, and innovation. Strategically positioned to optimize functionality without compromising on aesthetics, St. Mary’s stands as a paragon of construction excellence. Experience a realm where architectural brilliance and client vision harmoniously converge.


Commercial Properties

Step into the Wendy’s Project, a testament to Verg Construction Corp.’s dedication to blending functional spaces with iconic designs. This venture beautifully encapsulates our vision of creating commercial spaces that resonate with brand ethos while prioritizing customer experience. As you walk through, witness how every detail, from the dining area to the kitchen layout, has been meticulously planned to offer a harmonious blend of efficiency and ambiance.

wendy's verg construction corp.
esso construction- verg construction corp.
Commercial Properties

The Esso Gas Station Project

Dive into the Esso Gas Station Project, where Verg Construction Corp. marries cutting-edge design with operational efficiency. Here, we’ve reshaped the traditional fuel station mold, seamlessly combining utility and aesthetics. At this location, not only do vehicles get refueled, but visitors are met with a layout and ambience that elevates the entire pitstop experience, showcasing Verg’s commitment to innovation in every venture.

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