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Steeped in a rich legacy since 2019, Verg Construction Corp. stands tall as a beacon in Canada’s construction landscape. Our prowess in the Petroleum and Energy sectors is unrivaled, and our commitment to exceptional commercial, industrial, and residential developments is steadfast.

From the awe-inspiring transformation of the St. Mary’s Project to our impending collaboration with The Genesis Group on the Esso gas station in Mississauga, our projects paint a vivid picture of Canadian ambition and innovation. And while our ventures span a diverse array of sectors, our heart beats for Canada and its ever-evolving skyline.

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Building More than Structures

When Verg Construction Corp. laid its first cornerstone in 2019, we weren’t just starting a business; we were igniting a legacy. Focusing initially on the dynamic world of Petroleum & Energy, we soon grew, diversifying into realms of Commercial, Industrial, and Residential brilliance. Our narrative is enriched by each project we undertake, reflecting our ethos of excellence, sustainability, and client-centricity. Dive into our journey, and discover a tale of architectural prowess and unwavering vision.

Our Expert Team

Anthony Vergalito

President and Owner

With over two decades of deep-rooted experience in the construction industry, Anthony Vergalito stands as a testament to dedication, prowess, and visionary leadership. As the proud Business Owner of Verg Construction Corp since 2019, Anthony’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. His significant tenure as a Chief Estimator/PM at Deman Construction Corp and as a Senior Construction Manager underscores his hands-on expertise in driving projects to fruition.

Beyond his robust construction background, Anthony’s role as a Director at the Ferrari Club of America Canada East speaks volumes about his diverse interests and ability to organize and lead with distinction. His educational background, with a Diploma in Architectural Technologist from Mohawk College, further cements his foundation in understanding and pioneering architectural marvels.

Today, as part of our expert team, Anthony’s experience, knowledge, and passion remain invaluable assets in redefining construction paradigms and setting benchmarks for excellence.

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Eager to see your construction aspirations come to life? Our complimentary consultation is the key. Dive into detailed discussions, harness our team’s vast experience, and design the blueprint for your next success. With Verg Construction Corp., the sky’s the limit. Take the leap with us today!


Unveiling Our Core Expertise

Delve into the very essence of what makes Verg Construction Corp. a leading name in the industry. Through these highlighted specializations, we showcase the breadth and depth of our capabilities. Experience our commitment to excellence, innovation, and unparalleled service, all encapsulated within these core domains. Dive in and discover why we’re Canada’s preferred construction partner.

Commercial Development

From retail spaces to office buildings, we at Verg Construction Corp. transform visions into iconic commercial landmarks. Our projects resonate with architectural brilliance, functional designs, and long-term viability, making us a top choice for commercial ventures across Canada.

Industrial Projects

Our industrial projects stand as a testament to our prowess in combining cutting-edge technology with operational efficiency. Whether it's manufacturing units or processing plants, Verg Construction Corp. is synonymous with reliability and precision.

Waste Management to Green Energy Sites

Venturing beyond traditional construction, Verg Construction Corp. is at the forefront of green energy transformation. Our expertise in converting waste management to energy sites is reshaping the way we think about sustainability and eco-innovation.

Petroleum & Energy Infrastructure

At Verg Construction Corp., our specialized knowledge in the Petroleum & Energy sector sets us apart. We design and build infrastructure that not only meets the energy needs of today but anticipates the challenges of tomorrow. With safety, efficiency, and sustainability at the core, we are the trusted partners in Canada's energy landscape.

Residential Developments

From medium to low-rise developments, every Verg residence embodies quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. We're not just constructing buildings; we're creating spaces where memories flourish and families grow.

Site Planning & Project Management

Every successful construction project begins with impeccable planning. At Verg Construction Corp., our meticulous site planning and adept project management ensure that every venture is streamlined, efficient, and executed to perfection.

What Our Clients Say

Peek into the experiences of those who’ve journeyed with Verg Construction Corp. These authentic testimonials echo the quality, dedication, and expertise we infuse into every project. Listen to our clients’ stories and understand why our commitment resonates so profoundly with them.

Verg Construction Corp. turned our vision into a reality. From the initial consultation to the final handover, their team was attentive, innovative, and exceptionally skilled. It's rare to find a firm that combines such technical prowess with genuine care for their clients.
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
Having worked with numerous construction firms over the years, Verg Construction Corp. truly stands out. Their attention to detail, commitment to quality, and unmatched professionalism made our project a resounding success. Every interaction left me assured that I had made the right choice.
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
Choosing Verg Construction Corp. for our commercial development was the best decision we could've made. Their expertise in the Petroleum & Energy sector was evident in the impeccable infrastructure they delivered. It's refreshing to work with a team that not only meets but consistently exceeds expectations.
John Davis

Our Recent Projects

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Esso Gas Station


Reach Out & Shape Tomorrow

At Verg Construction Corp., every conversation is an opportunity to forge the future. Whether you have a vision to discuss, queries to clarify, or dreams to design, we’re here, eager to listen and ready to build. Let’s transform your ideas into architectural masterpieces. Connect with us today.

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